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I’m trying to convert a project into a template but it won’t work. It’s quite a long list tasks - is this why it won’t work?

Hi @Simone_DeBlasio

Are you saying the convert to template is not working? If so, you may want to reach out to and include the link to the project you want to convert.

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I need to talk to someone asap

put URGENT in the email title.

I don’t think folks here can provide technical help.

Can you describe won’t work? Do you have screenshots? Video?

CC: @Rebecca_McGrath @Marie for line of sight

You don’t have technical support? I’m trying to convert a project into a template and it’s not working. It is not converting into a template.

I am not Asana, just someone on the Forums providing help. You can find support at

This isn’t helpful. What is not working? What error are you getting? Do you have a screenshot or a video?

I am SO sorry!

Hey, no worries. You have an urgent need and I’m trying to help if I can :slight_smile:

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I think it’s the size of the project that is stumping Asana from converting it to a template. It’s a large project… We’ll see what they come back with. Thanks for your help!


Thanks for jumping in here, @Getz_Pro!

@Simone_DeBlasio, as mentioned by Richard, it’s best to contact our Support team with the URL to the project you’re trying to convert, along with any errors messages you’re receiving.

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