Asana Team On-boarding Template



Hi all,

In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to show everyone an example of my team/client Asana on-boarding project. I believe the way I put this together is easy to read and simple complete.

On the tracking side of things:

  • I’ve made a request within each task/training course, for the assigned user to attach their certificate of completion to each individual task.
  • And if you are wishing to see progress for any individual (bigger teams etc), I made the tasks within each section dependant on its predecessors. Making the completion task(s) one you can pull into boards for quick status updates.

Let me know if this helps spark any ideas for you and your team.




This is awesome!! We’ve also taken the Asana on-boarding project and customized it to our company, but this is super thorough.

Any chance you’d be willing to share what you do for “Spring Cleaning”? The longer we’ve used Asana, the more clean-up there seems to be that is needed!


Hey @Laura_Johnson,

Thanks for checking my post out. Awesome to hear others are taking a similar approach (although I do feel this should come integrated with the core product by default.)

In regards to Spring Cleaning, what I do to make my life easier (visually), is to use Teams within your Organization as much as possible. By doing so, you can collapse things on your Main Lefthand Panel making the view much easier. So my view may look like this (x100):

Company Intranet (Team Level / Collapsable)

  • HR Documentation (Project Level / Not Collapsable)
  • Team Onboarding (Project Level / Not Collapsable)
  • Training (Project Level / Not Collapsable)
  • Document Archive (Project Level / Not Collapsable)
  • Templates (Project Level / Not Collapsable)

Client A (Team Level / Collapsable)

  • Main Site (Project Level / Not Collapsable)
  • Hubspot Integration (Project Level / Not Collapsable)

Client B (Team Level / Collapsable)

  • Shopify Store (Project Level / Not Collapsable)
  • Inbound Strategy (Project Level / Not Collapsable)
  • Ongoing support (Project Level / Not Collapsable)

I hope this helps. Besides archiving things, and just using strict naming conventions, there isn’t a lot I can think of to make Spring Cleaning easier.




That is awesome! Would you be ok to share the template (or what is shareable) in a template for