Asana Tasks/Subtasks to BitBucket Commits



Hi there. Asana has achieved great versatility and it’s the most universal work-management tool I have worked with. However, it can be improved for technical management. Our company is looking at JIRA for technical management not because of their advanced reportings, workflows or schemes but simple ability to integrate issues/tasks with BitBucket commits so that commit is linked to description - what was done in this commit.


@kshengelia, thanks for your feedback! Have you explored the integration Zapier has set up between BitBucket and Asana? It looks like one of the pre-built configurations could integrate changesets as stories on a Task in Asana, and there’s the ability to customize the configuration, as well.

I can understand how not using a third party might feel more seamless, but Zapier (or anything built with our open API ) would allow you to keep working with your task manager of choice :slight_smile: