Asana sync to Google Sheets broken

Hi @John_Nguyen1, welcome to the Community Forum :wave:

Unfortunately I can’t give an ETA here but our Engineers are working on this as a priority as it does seem to be impacting quite a lot of users.

As soon as I have any updates, I’ll share them here.

Thank you for your patience!

Dear all, starting to experience this issue again; re integrated the board into the calendar, and after integration - tasks synching at all with my Google calendar :cry:

Sorry to hear that, @Xenia_Cubrac. Our Developers are working with Google to sort this out, but they are still unable to share an ETA, unfortunately. If anything changes they will let me know and I will immediately share here in the Forum.

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@Vanessa_N - Seems this issue has been causing problems for over a year now. Is there any super rough idea of whether it’ll be fixed within 1-2 months, 1-2 quarters, or 1-2 years? I have two new clients who are really wanting to use the Google Sheets sync, but this has us feeling concerned.


Thought we’d finally gotten past this, but alas, this problem has arisen yet again, and now my periphery teams are stuck without the relevant information they need from G-Sheets. No ETA and consistent failures are really making me think our org needs to start looking for Asana alternatives…
Is there any update or progress that can be provided on resolving this major bug?

Hi @Bryan_TeamKickstart and @Paul_Smith2, I’ve reached out to our Developers again, and I’m afraid they are not able to share an ETA yet. This issue has required more work and back-and-forth than we’d initially anticipated, and we totally understand the frustration, but they have made some progress, and as soon as there’s an ETA or any updates we will share with everyone.

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Thank you for the follow-up. We’ll be eagerly watching for an updated ETA as soon as it’s available. Thank you!

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Hi there,

My organisation has been impacted by issues with Google Sheets sync. I’ve just attempted to perform a new sync, and ASANA is requesting that I add the link through the Google Sheets plugin. However, when I try to add the plugin to Google Sheets, I can’t seem to find it. Is anyone else experiencing these issues too?

Hi there, in early Jan 2024 I learned about how to export Asana project data into Google Sheets. I had it running for my org for about 2-3 weeks. Yesterday, I was alerted it no longer updates G-Sheets which is disruptive to our new work-flow. Within Asana I can no longer see the “Export to Google Sheets”, nor a link to reconnect the two. Please help.

PS - About a week ago we updated our sub to Enterprise + to be HIPAA compliant. Maybe this interfered with the connection?

Hi there, I’m also having trouble using the Asana Exports add-on. Once I install it, I don’t see it in Google Sheets to connect my project to the spreadsheet. Any advice would be appreciated!