Asana support ignore my response and then close the case - multiple times now!

I have opened two separate cases about the same issue and each time the Asana support agent asked for my to CC in my Admin, which I immediately do (and they confirm the issue) - then I get no response from Asana and the case is closed. I have emailed multiple times in the thread, and received no response.

This has happened twice and it is absolutely ridiculous. I pushed for Asana over Monday, this is the first issue raised with the platform and they cannot even acknowledge an email response.

Please advise?

Support cases:

Hello @Tyson2,

I can see my colleagues from support have responded to both your emails

Erol has asked you to CC the Admin of your Org to move forward with your request

Patricia has also asked you to CC the Admin of your Org on the thread to move forward with your request.

Could you check if these emails have landed in your spam by any chance?

cc @Vanessa_N

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Hi Marie, thanks for the response,.

On both occasions I have CCd in my Admin, who has also replied in the email thread.
I do not have any emails in my junk

Could you please ensure that you CCed both your Admins and Asana? I can’t see your replies on our end, so I feel you may have forgotten to add us in the loop?


I have definitely ccd both the admins and Asana. I can send a screenshot showing this, but cannot post the screenshot in this forum, for obvious reasons.

Please could you get back to me on this ASAP? This issue has been going on now for several weeks
Are you sure that the emails aren’t in your junk?

Hi @Tyson2, sorry for the trouble. I’m in touch with our Support team now to investigate this issue and will follow up with you directly via email to assist you. You should receive my message within the next few minutes.

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Hi @Vanessa_N

Thanks for your response. Just to confirm in case you’d sent it - no email received yet

@Vanessa_N @Marie

Is there any progress on this please?

Hi @Tyson2, that’s very odd, I emailed you yesterday shortly after responding here in the Forum. I’ll send you a DM now.

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Hi Vanessa,

I have emailed and DMd you
I received back the response that my case has been closed, so guessing you haven’t seen my reply again.
Please could you message me back via Forum DM?

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