Asana Security Two Factor Authentication

Every online service needs 2FA. (Unless you have ephemeral accounts like 4chan…)

It’s not a feature, it’s a basic necessity.

You expect our company to put private information onto your servers and you don’t allows us to protect it? And pay for it?? Joke

2FA is really a must, we are paying for business but do not want to use Google or SAML.

Asana, please integrate some simple 2FA asap. You are bringing tons of great features and improvements (Asana customer since 2015) but the login/security is still 2010ish…


please add 2FA! we need it badly!

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Our office’s security policy requires multi factor authentication. Please add so we can continue to use Asana.

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Why isn’t this implemented yet? Your paying customers are storing sensitive client data in Asana. You have a great platform, but come on, 2FA should come standard. Heck, I’d pay extra for it.

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Please make Microsoft Authenticator possible!

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Our client’s security policy requires multi factor authentication. Please add so we can start using Asana

Please add 2FA. I think we’ve crossed the threshold of that being an ‘optional’ or even premium feature in the modern security landscape. Average users are expecting that 2FA will be supported in any business grade product.

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Please add the 2FA factor functionnality ! regards

Why is no one from Asana replying to this feed? Why do you not have 2FA? It’s bloody 2020!
No dark mode, no 2FA, no integration with Xero. Unbelievable. You’ve been around for over 10yrs - Doesn’t take that long to implement basic necessities.

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Definitely need 2FA, this is basic stuff.


I cannot believe that I come here to find out about Asana’s MFA support only to see the company ignoring hundreds of customers for almost 3 YEARS! Lack of MFA is the sole reason my team will be letting our free trial end rather than pay for Business licenses. Terrible support of a basic use case in 2020.

2FA has still not been implemented? I’m a new customer trialing your software. I will not be using this if you can offer basic account protection.

I created another thread requesting information on this 2FA problem and a moderator closed the topic linking to this thread where no moderator has ever responded or offered any insight into why this feature isn’t available. YEARS LATER… Still no 2FA, are you serious? I’ll probably be going to Monday just because of this by the way.

Hi @Mike_Solomon and thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

As it stands, we offer Google SSO and SAML logging. You can learn about thee two methods here: While we haven’t planned to implement 2FA just yet, this is definitely something we will continue to evaluate for future updates. I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have an update on this topic.

That would be great but for some reason security is only paramount for your Premium and Enterprise users.

@Marie with respect, I’m sure @Mike_Solomon is aware of the limited options available in Asana (google and SAML). It is absolutely ridiculous that Asana still doesn’t offer 2FA. It’s a fundamental feature of any modern platform and a security catch all for those that don’t use or have an identity provider. For such a great platform, this is a completely bizarre omission.