Asana running slow in latest Firefox


I normally use Asana in Firefox on Mac. Lately I’ve been getting the long-running JavaScript popup and Asana is essentially unusable. I’ve tried clearing cache and cookies, upgrading Firefox, and restarting it and it hasn’t solved the problem. It was briefly better after the FFX upgrade, but the problem returned shortly thereafter. The site works fine in Chrome.

For example, just now, I clicked on several tasks in succession in FFX and it spiked the CPU to 100% and gave me the spinning beachball. Sometimes I get the warning popup while Asana is loading, so often that I can’t get it to compete loading.


Hi @KC_Baltz. Sorry to hear you’re seeing this issue. If you’re using a slow-ish computer, that could be contributing to the problem. I’ve reported the issue to our engineering team, but I suggest you use Chrome for now. I’ll add that our team is investing in huge structural changes to make Asana faster. If you’d like to learn more I recommend this blog post describing our commitment to performance this year.


Hi Alexis,
While I believe in the team making Asana faster, it is alarming that you suggest upgrading hardware because of a tool the size of Asana. Also switching browser to Chrome… it’s not like Firefox is some garage project 2 devs high.
Macbook from 2015 and latest Firefox, I wait for all clicks, I think of things I can do while waiting for the Asana application to respond. It’s tedious to surf tasks, and hard to stay focused when so little is to do while waiting for the loading gif to disappear.
Please: less fancy, more speed. Maybe make fancy an option?


I’ve noticed this very prominently since trying out the new Firefox release (57). FF 57 seems significantly faster than other browsers (usually use Opera & Chromium); on everything except Asana. On Asana, I get lag when just trying to type/edit the text on subtasks. It’s kind of nuts. Probably worth looking at.

I’ll probably have to use Chromium just for Asana, which is unfortunate since I was hoping to be able to only have one browser open (finally) – what with browsers these days, they can easily eat up the lion’s share of 16 GB of RAM and then slow the rest of my system to a halt. :confused:

BTW, FF 57 provides very good reason to give FF another try after all these years … it’s very fast, and much easier on the RAM than Chrome.


FF 58 here, Asana drains the CPU like nothing I ever seen before and it is very unresponsive.


same here. I’m on the maxed-out late 2016 macbook pro 15 inch here (16GB ram, Radeon pro 460 GPU, Skylake quad-core i7 CPU). Dragging a task card in board view is VERY sluggish, no matter if it’s Safari, Firefox or Chrome. It’s somewhat better on my other PC (8-core Ryzen machine with 1080Ti), but still not as smooth as I would expect.

it’s a bit ridiculous for a “simple” app like this. I know it’s not that simple, but considering nowadays I could use the same browser/machine combo to do the entire app design with thousands of vector objects in a web app like Figma, this feels very unreasonable. Hope the big performance boost could come as soon as possible.


I have also been running into a constantly slow interface in FF. It even prompts the web app is running slow wait or cancel constantly. I am on macbook pro maxed out and am stunned at the ability Asana has to bring FF to its knees. I also see this same problem on a 64GB ram desktop PC with a ryzen 1800 so again not a hardware issue. It has certainly not been resolved since the last comment on this thread. It would nice to see a follow up comment on this from the Asana team. I love the product I just want to see this issue go away.


When do you have a solution to this issue??? Asana running on the new Firefox takes 30-40% CPU from my PC which is slowing down the my work to much. How can your website take so many ressources? It’s crazzy! And your Windows App is also taking a lot of CPU power.


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Extremely slow and unusable for me. Starting to type in latest Firefox version take sometimes 1-2 seconds, with the fastest Macbook Pro from end of 2016.

And suggesting to change to Chrome is not a pro answer!