Asana rejecting emails

Recently something changed on the Asana end and now Asana is bouncing emails.

We have a google form that has a trigger that generates an email to Asana that takes the form contents and creates an Asana Task. This was working for years and recently stopped. I’ve been getting emails from Asana:

We couldn’t process your email because it was sent by but your email domain is Please contact your email admin to update your mail server’s email settings.

Because the email is sent by google in the Google Sheets script, yes the sending server is not going to match my corporate domain. We use G-Suite for Business for that domain so we already have SFP records that allow gmail to be a sender. I’m guessing sheets is using a different outgoing server.

I’m curious exactly what Asana is checking that is causing it to bounce so I can try and mitigate the issue…

Hi @Mike_Montalvo and welcome to the Forum!

You can learn more about this error in the following thread: Recent email security update. How to fix “We couldn’t process your email”, but if you need more help with this, I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support team who will be able to assist you further!

Well that’s rather disappointing. Seems like if SPF and DKIM are good enough for the rest of the internet, why does Asana have to make things more difficult for everyone?


The Sender’s email address will have to be associated with an Asana account that has access to your project.

Is “The sender” the person making the form or the end user filling out the form? If it’s the latter, then this will not work for us.

PS: “Tips and Tricks” is a terrible name for the forum you expect general questions to go in. Seems like All of Asana support is designed to NOT help you. (no way for direct contact, no obvious categories for general questions). Though I appreciate the quick reply.

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