Asana Projects not showing in the Google Chat bot.

I’ve been trying to get the Asana integration to work with Google Chat. I’ve successfully authenticated it, and it’s pulling through my tenants (and my task list), however, when I click on my ‘cobry’ tenant (the organisation that I need to pull through a project for), the ‘projects’ screen comes back empty.

Strangely enough, when I click on another tenant, their projects pull through just fine.

A primary difference between the two tenants is that I have many more projects under ‘Cobry’, than I do under the other one. This is all done using incognito mode, with no cookies blocked, or extensions installed.

It would be useful to know if anybody else has come across this issue, and if so, how you resolved it.

Many thanks!

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Hi @Wiktor_Jurek
I just tried the similar and got the same result. It seems like a workspace with a lot of projects struggles to get it right. I’ll keep on working on it and let you know if I get any results.


Thanks, Paul! Glad that I’m not the only one - I thought something was wrong with my configuration. I wonder if it’s a timeout issue when the API returns too many projects.

Perhaps the API is timing out due to the number of projects in the organisation.


Bumping this as this is still an issue and has not been resolved.

I’ll try this again soon.
I saw something at Google IO that an update is coming.

Same issue here. If anyone found a workaround here - please let me know!

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I have some updates. I’ve created a forum post on Google Forums. I did some digging and turns out this is an integration made by Google to promote the new Google Chat.

The forum experts told me to phone Google Support - because we’re resellers I got to them quite quickly. I did that, but no dice. They said it was an Asana integration and thus bear no responsibility. That’s incorrect, but whatever. I created a help request in the Google product feedback, and now I’m waiting for a reply.

Classic case of ‘not by job’, not my problem by both teams.

It’d be nice if the Google Chat and Asana team got together and fixed it, but we don’t live in a perfect world :person_shrugging:.

I need help too ? Is there someone who can fix this for me?

+1 for this.

Frustrating to have some fantastic capabilities at the fingertip of our organization, but not be able to use them because we’re such heavy adopters of Asana.

Being punished for being a large user doesn’t feel good.

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Sorry for bumping a dead thread, but FYI it’s started working for me now. No work on my side - it just started working.

We can now integrate asana into Google Chat. I will not resolve this topic until we’ve tested that this works on multiple domains/instances.


Thanks for the update