Asana Pricing is advertised as per seat per month which is not true

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Your pricing is advertised as per seat per month this is not exactly true as once you sign up and add a new user you need to pay for 5 seats. I am rather annoyed at this false advertising as I need to add a 6th team member and it is going to cost me double what we already pay for this one user.

Hey @Richard_Kapelko
see this great overview that @Bastien_Siebman has prepared:

He also posted the answer to your question:

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Thanks Andrea,

What exactly does he mean by this “You can also buy 2-3-4 seats” ?

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You can buy 2 seats minimum, not 5 as you initially indicated. You can add single seats up to 5, then you must add 5 seats at a time up to 30, then 10 at a time, and it escalates from there.

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