Asana Portfolios needs a major update

We moved to business recently and started using portfolios. Although they seem quite nice, they lack a number of important features to make them useful and most of all - reliable.
Currently we find portfolios quite basic and frankly underdeveloped compared to other parts of Asana

  1. You cannot add a project into a portfolio from the project view
  • it is very time consuming since you need to open the portfolio every time you want to add a project to it. If you need to add a project to two or more portfolios, you need to open all of them one by one, search for the project and add it.

it will be much easier to be able to add a project to portfolio directly from the project itself
it will be nice to have the option to add a project into a portfolio in the actual creation window while creating the project

  1. You cannot see which project is in which portfolio from the project view
  • currently you have no idea if a project is in a portfolio and which portfolios. You have to dig through all the portfolios to find your project manually

just as you can see which projects a tasks belongs to it would makes sense to see which portfolios a project belongs to

  1. When you add a project to a portfolio it still shows you the projects already added to the portfolio
  • the search does not filter out the projects that you have already added to a portfolio, so basically you need to check manually again

it will be great if the filter can omit projects already added in the portfolio or mark them in grey or something like that

  1. Portfolios can fit only 200 projects
  • since workload is related to portfolios, the only way to see all your workload and plan ahead is to have a master portfolio where you manually add all your projects
  • adding all projects to a portfolio is crazy time consuming, and if only one project is missed - workload becomes unreliable
  • if you have more than 200 projects in the organisation you have no way whatsoever to see the workload of your team

it will be nice to have an automatic master portfolio which automatically collects all the projects in the organisation for workload purposes
remove the limit of the portfolios of 200
allow some rules for adding portfolios in projects
allow bulk adding of projects to portfolios - from entire team or other way

  1. You can choose to see tasks or milestones but not both
  • no idea why but you can toggle betweeb the two, but you cannot see them simultaneously

allow projects to show both milestones remaining as well as tasks

Please address the issues with workload, because at the moment for sure it does not do as advertised since you cannot actually see the workload of your team, but only the workload on some projects in any particular portfolio.

My feeling is that there is another tier being planned between premium and business and most of those things will be addressed there. If this is the plan, we will be very very disappointed :frowning:

Having sad all of the above:
Since Asana is not sharing its production plan we and anyone out there have no idea if:

  • You are at all working to improve portfolios
  • when and what will be addressed and how much work we need to put into administration of Asana so we can save work (can you see the oxymoron here?)

I am hereby again asking Asana to reconsider making at least some form of product development plan public so we know which way we are going.

Thank you for taking time to provide this thorough feedback with us @IvanStaykov.

We usually don’t recommend to list several feedback in one thread as it becomes very difficult for other users to support for the desired feature request and for us to follow-up!

I was able to find some existing threads similar to what you have suggested. I’m listing them below and I would recommend you to comment and vote on the ones you would like to see implemented:

I would also encourage you to create new threads for those suggestions that are not addressed in any of this threads. Thank you for your understanding! Have a great week Ivan!