Asana Please Consider Setting Up a UserVoice Account


This forum is great and very useful especially for self help through the community of users but I think a lot of the feature requests and improvements are lost in the mix of forum posts.

Please consider setting up and having an active UserVoice account that will better handle feature, improvement, and even customer reported bugs.

Besides gathering user driven intelligence for your product it can also give a status on features you are considering and especially those you are committed to delivering which could avoid a lot of discussion throughout multple posts on the forum. On uservoice the conversations would be in a single place.


Thanks for your feedback @briankb. Fear not, we do have a system in place on our end for tracking these feature requests in Asana. :wink: It also helps that we get to keep all requests organized in this Product Feedback category. That said, we’ll take your User Voice suggestion into consideration. Thanks for the thoughtful idea.


Just bumping this as it seems the forum is getting a crazy amount of new users and feature requests. And IMHO it is cluttering up the forum when a uservoice setup with voting would provide a better experience for all involved.


Feedback noted, thank you! Yes, very exciting that we’re seeing a lot of interest in the product feedback section of the Community. We’re now thinking of ways to reimagine how we take product feedback and what this might look like in the Community.