Asana <> Parallax Integration Limitations

Hi everyone!

We’re a marketing agency of around 100 people, and we’re facing some challenges with the Parallax <> Asana integration while also using EverHour for time reporting.

  • Our current Asana structure includes main client projects, each “housing” billable client service projects with complex cross-team functional work (meaning we have multiple projects for each client). However, due to Parallax’s limitation on having only one billable project attached to each task, we’re finding it difficult to report on bigger tasks that involve cross-team work (such as QBR reports, monthly reports, etc).

  • To work around this, we have assigned these types of tasks to the main client project (which is a non-billable project) and then set each subtask to the relevant service project. Although this has helped, we’re still encountering issues with some employees accidentally reporting on the main tasks in Everhour, which makes it challenging to manage.

  • Our account management team needs to have one place to track these ‘bigger’ tasks, and we can’t make the main task private because it’s inherently connected to the subtasks that are attached to the relevant sub-projects for each service.

  • We’ve also looked into setting up a Portfolio for each client (which will house the main non-billable client project and the client’s billable service projects) as a solution, but it only shows the information on a project level. It doesn’t solve our need to keep track of specific tasks such as the ones I’ve mentioned.

Does anyone have experience with overcoming similar limitations of the Parallax <> Asana integration while also working with EverHour? We’d appreciate any advice or suggestions.