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My name is Chad and I am a big fan of the Asana platform. However, unfortunately my experience this last week with your support team is starting to change that. Please help.

We are hiring/growing our company and plan to take our Asana usage to the next level. I have the organization bought in to even upgrade to premium. However, we may have lost that and only upgraded to get better access to support. We have spent over 10 hours reading through all the training manuals, guides, YouTube. All the while, your support team continues to just sending training videos and we’re considering to drop the service because we’re now loosing revenue because of the issue below. Please please please help keep my company’s interest in your great service by helping me resolve this soon.

Our issue:
We currently have 4-5 individuals from our company using Asana. All have signed up, or have been invited to join, under the same domain. However, it currently has our space setup as a Workspace, and not an Organization. There is a duplicate account that somehow has been created that is taking up our organization features. We can’t deactiviate, and your training material advises we reach out to support to fix. But like I said, they just keep sending training material.

Our issue is that we have people signed up under the same domain (bullet point 1 below), but the space is setup as a workspace, NOT AN ORGANIZATION. Thus, not allowing us to setup the teams we want (bullet point 2 below). Why is this? Did you get the screen shot I attached?

  • any one who joins Asana using an email address @ that email domain will automatically be added to that Organization
  • you can sort your projects into separate teams that each have their own separate permissions and members; this allows you to have your own space even in a large company (learn how to create your own team here:



To talk with support directly : go to, into “Having Trouble With” and then below you will find a “Still can’t find an answer” button.

When you say “they just keep sending training material” you mean the website sends you to training material? cc @Marie

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Sincere apologies for all the trouble @Chad_Howe; I have liaised with our support team, and from what I understand they’re currently working with you to resolve this issue. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!