Asana Newbie with question on tasks and organization


We are brand new to Asana and are trying to figure out how to organize projects and tasks we already have. We have someone who runs social media for us and she has a giant list of items that she’s managing, some associated with particular projects and others more general in nature. How does she manage her list of tasks if some of them are associated with Projects and some aren’t? We don’t want her sifting through all these Projects looking for them; it would be better if a task could live in two projects, a master list (“Social Media”) and inside a project (Email Campaign X). Is that possible or is there a better way of approaching the problem?


Good News - there’s the “My Tasks” section which is exactly what you’re talking about. I’d encourage using assignees and due dates as much as is humanly possible. Then as long as she is assigned to the Tasks, they will all be pulled together under her My Tasks. Because you are right, people should not be poking around a bunch of different Projects to find what they need to be doing. That’s inefficient.


Thanks, I figured that out after I posted the question on the Board this morning and that will work perfectly.

Thanks again for the assist!