Asana Milestones in subtasks

Dear Asana developers and community.

This application is awesome and I love everything about it. Our agency uses it to sustain a high amount of productivity and fluency.

I just read on the Asana blog about the new Asana milestones.

These are awesome and offer a way to align our team towards short-term wins and provide nice visualization.

However, as an agency that operates mainly using subtasks, with the main task being used for overall project description, we cannot take advantage of the milestone visualization in the subtask area.

For instance, I have marked the “Example subtask” as a milestone, but I do not get the nice green diamond that goes around it within the subtask view as I do with the main task view.


Thus, my request is this (and I think it should be an easy fix) can we get the nice green diamond to appear within the subtask view, so we can take advantage of the milestone functionality across the Asana platform.

This would really help out agency and I think others as well.

Thank you.


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