Asana let's you copy tasks in between project now?


I just did it and the last information thread i found aboutnot being able to do so is dated 20days ago Transfer tasks between projects

Have i missed it before? Or is it a new feature?


Edit: maybe you did mean that they can now copy/move tasks/projects between workspaces - in which case I’d probably guess you were a lucky member of a new beta roll out! As I’ve not heard about it at all =)

Hey Virginia - that topic is about copying over tasks/projects between organizations or workspaces. It’s a third party tool, but seems functional and I had no problems with it a few years ago =)

Asana itself allows copying/moving tasks between projects (it’s a super important and functional feature of Asana called Multi-Homing). Watch about it here! =)


Yes, i’m not using any tool either, i can now just move with attachments, description, comments, everything from one to another.


I just found that you can drag tasks from one project to another, retaining due dates, comments, etc. But when I copy and paste, the tasks are pasted clean.

You must be a beta tester! Enjoy.