Asana is moving to string IDs



Thanks all for your prompt responses!

@Joe_Trollo, that makes it very clear. I’m assuming the settings apply only for that session and for a new session, if I don’t send in the header, the behavior will fallback to default, i.e. receiving both integer and string IDs. Also, would you advice we wait till your implementation is 100% before performing any further tests?


If you set the headers on the client directly, they will apply to every request made with that client. If you pass them in the method call, they will apply only to that one request. Clearing the header from the client or not including them in the method call will then fall back to the default behavior, yes.

To be more explicit about the gap in our implementation: we have 100% coverage on read and write requests in the API (enabling this feature will hide numeric IDs on reads and reject numeric IDs on writes) but do not yet have support for requests that originate from within Asana (i.e., outgoing webhook payloads). If your app does not use webhooks, you can freely test the rest of the API, but we won’t be starting the clock for the deprecation until the entire API supports string IDs.


Got it. I’ve successfully tested switching the integer ids on an off - thanks!