Asana in outlook for iOS


Ok, this is a big one @Alexis!!!

Trello/MS has added the ability to add task directly from Outlook for iOS. This is big for me.

Please make a similar add-in for Outlook for iOS.

Please tell me that your are already working on adding this - AND that it is possible to set a due date directly in the add-in like it is with the Trello add-in.

What does other users think? And if you are not already using outlook for iOS, please try it, its pretty awesome.


Thanks for sharing @Peter_Skjoldager. I think my colleague, @Matt_Bramlage will have some insight to share on this topic.


I have been using Microsoft Outlook on an older Iphone (5.0) and do not see in the integrations sections a place to select Trello, even though I have a very small Trello account. I just could never come to see the power that Asana encompasses in Trello but I do think the integration would be welcome. Having authored I know their is a boatload of small things to finally get to the creation of tasks, project conversations and team conversations but agree with the suggestion. I do wish that Asana would find a way to add due dates to their task/conversation creation through their email system.


Feedback noted @James_Carl :slight_smile:


Works like a charm in Trello, with both web and app. I still hope Asana will catch up eventually


I too would love an Asana Add in for outlook iOS. Please