Asana help pages are unformatted


Apparently my employer’s proxy server or firewall is blocking the formatting of any of Asana’s help pages. My Asana app page works fine, but any and all help or guide pages are displayed as plain text, the only exception being some headings are in a bit larger font. I’ve tried the latest updates of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. I looked at an example page’s source, noted the CSS style sheet linked in that page, and I’m pretty certain that the address of that style sheet is being blocked. It seems pretty hopeless, but before I resign myself to trying to pick out the relevant content, I thought I’d ask those that are far brighter and knowledgeable than me if they have any thoughts or suggestions.


Wow! That’s pretty intense restrictions from your employer - I’ve never heard of such a thing. But maybe you could, while at home, download the pages for offline viewing and load up the html locally when at work?

You could also download any age on your phone and then upload the file or email it to use it on the desktop.

It’s a bit muddied, but maybe it’ll help?

There are some articles about downloading multiple pages at once (so you don’t have to do it individually) - can’t vouch for it though:


Thanks, Caisha … for the quick response and for the great suggestions. That Firefox plug is definitely very interesting. What complicates things is that I can’t foresee what I’ll want to look into in the Asana Guide, and that’s when I remembered a tool I found some years ago called HTTrack. HTTrack lets us download an entire website, with all the links and resources intact. It’s proven invaluable before, and I have no idea why I didn’t think of it when I ran into this issue. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s pretty thorough ;-). I put in and it took 54 minutes to download 140Mb. But, now I have a pretty complete offline guide to Asana!


That’s actually really helpful - I’m going to bookmark that =) Glad you got it all sorted!