Asana - Harvest Integration - Automatic hours calculation

Hello everyone,

After working on integrating Hours for all our different project templates for capacity planning purpose, we looked for adding Harvest to calculate hours spent on our different projects.

The integration of Harvest is enabling to open Harvest quicker, but users still have to select the project they want to allocate the hours + insert the hours spent on the project/task when the field is already filled as we include the custom field “Hours”.

Is there any way to assign automatically a task to a specific account in Harvest thanks to project name or task name (e.g. number of project being identical) and retrieve automatically the Hours field from Asana so it’s directly duplicated in Harvest?

Would be an amazing step in the integration to have such an option!

Hi @Fabien_Cuntreri, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, when you click the Harvest icon in a task, you would need to select the project you would like to allocate the hours and add them to a custom field. I found some threads with tips from our community, you can see the comments here:

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi @Emily_Roman ,
Thanks for your reply.

From what you confirm me, it seems we have limited options to automatise/connect Asana with Harvest.
Having the project pre-selected when clicking on the clock or hours automatically filled thanks to Asana field would be great. If any development are going in this direction let me know. It would be really beneficial.


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