Asana frozen at log-in


Hello, I hope this is the correct category for this request. For a couple of months now, when I log in to my account, the page just freezes with the refresh wheel constantly spinning. I can only see the most recent of my tasks, but the rest of the page stays blank. The menus and navigation options never appear. A message says “Trying to reconnect. Changes will be synced once your connection is restored” but nothing happens and I cannot access my work anymore. This looks permanent and happens with all browsers. Thank you for any help or hints to solve this.


Hi @Marco_Pensante

Have you tried contacting Asana support?


Actually not yet, I thought I’d see first if any other users had the same problem and had found a solution. Thanks.


Hi Marco,
Did you ever get a fix for this?


Hi Sean, thanks for getting back. The site appears to work now without any intervention on my part, I guess something went wrong on the site but nobody could know unless I requested help about it.
Thanks all for solving this.


having the same issue for loading it often comes ,issue with google chrome browser Some time … works on firefox…


Having the same problem, tried to perform the tips and FAQs but no success, this problem is occuring for over a week now. Tried using IE and Chrome, it worked on IE, but now is having the same problem, the error message says: “Trying to reconnect. Changes will be synced once your connection is restored.”


Hi @Heber_Gavioli - Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this! Taking the troubleshooting steps in this Guide article is your best bet

Bug report: tasks pane unresponsive

Hi to all. I have problem with WebSocket connection. In asana help test page I have a message “WebSocket connection: Closed before probe completed, code: 1006 (), after 20128ms.” I haven’t active antivirus and I turned off the firewall and nothing changed. I use home internet. Help please.


Same problem for a week. I guess it occurs due to Telegram’s blocking in our country. Still no solution except VPN or proxy.


Hm… ok. How can I solve this problem by VPN or proxy?


Well, the same way as Telegram… :male_detective: But for me it’s rather complicated. Sadly but yesterday I had to move to another task manager after a two years of using Asana :weary:


What did you move on to?


we are happy with todoist now

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