Asana Forms: Task title assembled by more than one answer in the form

Dear Asana Team,
it would be really helpful in Asana forms, if the Task title could be assembled by several answers in the form and not just one.
In my case I use a form that asks for initials, date and location and I’d love to have a task name consisting of all three: initials - date - location.
In order to have this title now, I let the people filling out the form create the task title for me, which is not ideal.
Thank you and keep up the good work!

Nice idea :slight_smile: you should move it to the Product feedback category so people can upvote it!

Thank you! That is a good idea.

We would also love to have two fields create the task title. We have project sections and the section selection is one drop down and then the title/summary is a separate question. Merging these two fields together would create a more useful task title to easily sort it to the correct project section.