Asana Forms: Task title assembled by more than one answer in the form

Dear Asana Team,
it would be really helpful in Asana forms, if the Task title could be assembled by several answers in the form and not just one.
In my case I use a form that asks for initials, date and location and I’d love to have a task name consisting of all three: initials - date - location.
In order to have this title now, I let the people filling out the form create the task title for me, which is not ideal.
Thank you and keep up the good work!

Nice idea :slight_smile: you should move it to the Product feedback category so people can upvote it!

Thank you! That is a good idea.

We would also love to have two fields create the task title. We have project sections and the section selection is one drop down and then the title/summary is a separate question. Merging these two fields together would create a more useful task title to easily sort it to the correct project section.

Currently the title functionality for Forms generated tasks is very limited:
We use the Forms feature to collect feedback from customers and we would really like to see more options for naming the tasks.
Right now the only options are:

  • The form title, which means that all tasks will have the same title
  • A field, but in our case no fields match what we would like so we would have to force users to create a title for their own task which is inconsistent and slows down their feedback process.

Some options we would like to have include:

  • A random or increasing ID
  • Date and time
  • Appending a field or any of the above options to the form title e.g. when the form title is “feedback” and the user’s name is “Lorem” it will create a task with title “feedback - Lorem” or similar with ID and date

Preferably this would use a text field with placeholders, for example we could fill in the following under a task title option:
“New form {form_title} by {field:name} on {date}”

Hi @RogerS and welcome to the Forum!:wave:

Thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback with us! Forms are pretty new in Asana and your feedback are very important for us to keep improving this feature. While I can’t promise if or when this will be implemented, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end!

Have a great Wednesday! :grinning:

I am here due to the issue with form titles too… I just dont get it to be honest. I can either:

  1. Use the form name - but thats pointless as it means all tasks have the same name

  2. Link it to the Name field - but this asks for the users name in the field though. I can add a description to say please enter the TASK name but its confusing, open to error and unprofessional

  3. Link it to a custom field - but there are no custom fields for title, so I would have to create a new custom field called Title which will just repeat the title

So its a bit weird and not very good. I would expect a field for task name


Is there a way to do if this, then rename the task name to this logic with Asana form if you are using one form with multiple purposes? Any tool that can make this happen?

Right now, I have the submission date + the request type as the task name. And, we manually have to edit the task names to reflect the true request.

But I would prefer to see the following scenarios:

  • Submission date (formatted in YYYYMMDD + Customer Name + Amount if an A/R request

  • Submission date (formatted in YYYYMMDD + Vendor Name + Amount if an A/P request

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Hi @Ufuoma_Ogaga, thanks for reaching out!

At this time, it’s not possible to customise task titles when created via form. We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

Hi @Ufuoma_Ogaga,

FYI you can accomplish this with the Modify a task’s name rule action in our Flowsana integration. You can create the rule in the Flowsana web portal or, if you’re on an Asana Business or Enterprise subscription, you can create it right in Asana’s rule builder.

Either way, the key is to use Flowsana’s “Variable Substitution” feature; this is how you’d specify the task name to get exactly what you illustrated above:

{task.Submission Date, Y} {task.Customer Name} {task.Amount}

This assumes you have form fields mapped to custom fields named Submission Date, Customer Name, and Amount, and that you want a space between each portion. The “Y” in the date field tells Flowsana to format the date as YYYYMMDD.

To trigger the rule, I’d imagine you’d have a custom field called, say, Request Type with values of A/R and A/P, and you would trigger off of the value of that field. The above illustrates the A/R rule; you’d build an identical one for A/P except you’d use a {task.Vendor Name} field in the variable string instead.

Let me know if you need more info!

In Asana itself you can now (actually as of a long time ago) assemble multiple fields as the task title:

(Flowsana’s feature set is far more comprehensive but it should be made clear that Asana itself has support for this.)

The caption is misleading–you can select fields, not “field,” if you desire.

The order in which you check the checkboxes governs the order of the fields in the title.

They are always separated by commas; you can’t change that.

@Forum-team: Several things to do here maybe:




It would be great if we could check the box for form name AND the specific fields for task titles. Is that a possibility in the future?


Hi !
I would like to have this exact option too.
Form name + specific fiels would be a perfect task title.
Any chance of this option appearing?

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