Asana for UK accountant??

I run a firm of accountants. I’d like to better manage our jobs.

Just to clarify. Can Asana deal with these requirements:

  1. I need to be able to import my jobs in at the start
  2. I need to be able to set up recurring jobs with recurring start dates and deadline dates (most of our work is recurring - weekly, monthly, annually etc). It would be even better if this can be imported in at the start. Or worse case to be edited in bulk.
  3. Importantly we need repeating cards to repeat even if the previous one is not finished. i.e. week 2 payroll is still required even if week 1 is not complete.
  4. I noticed that Trello has an add on that shows the number of days a card has been in a column. Does Asana do this?

Hi :wave:

  1. what is the format you are storing your job in?
  2. Not sure the CSV importer works with recurring tasks… Maybe Sendana from @James_Carl can help?
  3. Indeed a recurring task in Asana does not do that… You would have to check the community search to find if others have a solution to this case. @Phil_Seeman any idea?
  4. Not natively, I don’t know app that does yet, but I don’t know them all…

Thanks. I have all my jobs in csv files

Sendana does not create re-occurring tasks. Sorry

Yes, you can definitely import from a CSV file. But it will not create recurring tasks so you’d have to do that yourself after importing.

Yes, you can select multiple tasks and set the same recurrence pattern for all of the selected tasks at once.

As Bastien says, Asana won’t do this. And Asana’s API doesn’t provide access to task recurrence info so I don’t think any third-party integration will be able to solve this for you.

So the bottom line on this one is that you wouldn’t be able to use Asana’s recurring tasks; in order to get your desired behavior you’d have to have a new task created each time you wanted a “recurrence”; for example, each week’s payroll would need to be a separate task. @James_Carl, could Sendana Add or Sendana Date or some combination help here? (The “task template” feature I have in mind to add to Flowsana would probably help but it doesn’t exist yet :frowning: ).

Like Bastien, I have not seen any Asana integrations that will do this.

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