Asana for Salesforce: Create 2 new Lightning Components: Asana Tasks and Asana Projects

The current Asana Tasks & Projects Lightning Component has both Tasks and Projects. Please create a component that has just Tasks and another one that just has Projects. This is similar to the Chatter, Chatter Feed and Chatter Publisher Components arrangement. The Chatter component has both the Chatter Feed and Publisher. The other components are separate. The way I envision using Asana for Salesforce is that on some objects I’ll want to connect or create an Asana Project and on other objects I’ll only want to connect or create Asana Tasks. In the case where I want to create Asana Tasks I want the option of having Apex prefill the Project on Tasks.
See: Asana for Salesforce: Create Apex to Prefill Asana Project ID when Asana Task is created in Asana for Salesforce - Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum

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