Asana for Gmail Review


My comments on the Asana for Gmail plugin after a day using it:

  1. I have some private projects and when I select it, the “Make public to my workspace” button is still selected by default. I think the default option in this case should be overridden by the privacy of the project. I could have easily processed a sensitive task publicly.

  2. I don’t like the click, type, search and click process for adding a project to your task. Projects should just be a drop down list with your favourites at the top, to make it easier. I could select a project in 2 clicks then.

  3. It would be even better if the email remembers the task you created. Surely the message ID of the email could be stored against the created task and the task could be linked to the email. Asana by Gmail could then open the task related to the Gmail email.

  4. I would also suggest further enhancements to be able to edit custom fields in Asana. It is part of our process to update most custom fields when the task is created. At the moment, our users need to go into Asana immediately after creating a task.

  5. It would also be good if the project could be displaying against the gmail as a tag. Therefore, in my Gmail list I could see which projects my emails are related to.


I would add the ability to select the coloumn of the board when adding the created task to the project. Now, the newly created task lands in the leftmost coloumn automatically. That’s not the place for landing new tasks on some of our boards (peculiar that is or not).
However, this release is a nice MVP :wink: