Asana for Gmail - and Apple mail?


I just got a notification that Asana is now available for Gmail so you can directly create a task from the email. That is absolutely fantastic! Really a great new feature!
Personally I don’t like the way Gmail works and looks, when you open it on your browser. So I use Apple mail on my Mac.
Is is possible to create the wonderful feature of creating tasks directly from your inbox via Apple Mail too?


I was wondering the same thing, and I was also wondering: is there any add-on for Mac OS Mail at all? :thinking: this is not in Apple philosophy to allow customization of their software, maybe someone from Asana team can confirm…


I love the idea!!


It is possible to create one and there are a number of them out there, but Apple Mail plug-ins are not officially supported by Apple, the API is technically undocumented, and there’s no guarantee the API won’t change without warning from version to version.