"Asana for Admins" course needs editing

I got a new Asana Academy course pushed out to me via email today and jumped right in. This course is intended to shine a light on what users with the admin role can do, how they access the admin console, and who should have admin permission in the first place. The course even contains a section specifically for Enterprise tier controls and prompts you to skip this section if you do not work under an Enterprise tier organization.

This is all great; the only problem is, the section that is before the Enterprise only section contains some features that are…Enterprise only. This is misleading and confusing to oncoming admins that may use this course and think they have access to a feature they do not actually have access to. Guest invite restrictions and file attachment restrictions are the two offenders in this case. Neither of the two permissions are able to be changed under anything less than an Enterprise level tier, and while I wish this weren’t the case (especially with guest invites), this is how Asana’s tiering currently operates. I wish their newest academy course would properly reflect the reality of what a below-Enterprise-tier admin can actually do.