Asana Dashboard in Sharepoint



I need to figure out how to show progress on tasks in Sharepoint.

I love Asana and find it easy to use, but my company is high on Microsoft and is committed to using Sharepoint. So I need to figure out how to show task progress in Sharepoint, since that’s what my boss uses to figure out how hard I’m working. :wink:

It seems like a simple way to do it would be to embed the Asana Dashboard. Alternatively, I could list a bunch of tasks and completed tasks.

Anyone else have this issue? How did you solve it?


Hi Chris,
Looks like we don’t have the Sharepoint expertise you’re looking for at this time. I recommend that you reach out to one of our integration partners. I believe that Zapier does not currently have a Sharepoint/Asana integration, so you could start by requesting the feature with them. For immediate solutions, I think Unito and/or may provide you with the solution you’re looking for. Let us know if you have follow up questions. :slight_smile:



Hi @Chris_Stadler1, another great option if you have developer resources would be our open API.
Here’s documentation around our API -


I suggest using Power BI. I currently use it to provide Asana project vitals. I have not done this but I believe you csan publish from Power BI to SharePoit.


Hi @Chris_Stadler1

I’ve got the same need. What did you end up doing?


Sorry I didn’t see this, @Justine_Greenland_Du. I’m only a limited help anyway, since I ended up offering to contract with them instead of being internal. Much of that is because of the friction created by Microsoft products.