Asana dashboard blocked


I logged in for the first time and I see this (image). The company that I work for added me in their team but nothing appears on the dashboard. But I receive all the emails refered to the all the tasks asigned to me. What should I do?


They might have added you to their organization, but not to any team. Can you confirm with them?


as long as I know I´ve been added to the team and to a specific project. I Even received the email to join: they invited me to join and they shared a project with me. But when I click the Accept button it takes me to the same screen I sent the first time. dead end. no buttons, no options o the Asana dashboard. Is there anything missing? thanks!!


That is super weird. @Marie any idea?


Thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman. @florencia1 can you confirm what happens when you click on “Join Team” next to “Greener”?

Could you also try to log in from a different browser? Are you having the same issue?