Asana CSV Import

Im extremely disappointed in the new changes to the CSV import. It has made adding a large list of tasks into an existing project very complicated. Also your training link is broken now.

Does this link work for you?

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Hello Jerod,

Thanks for the link! It seems like the new UI has added a lot of additional work for me.
Field mapping feels terribly clunky.


It is definitely a new feel but once you digest the changes I think you will find that the auyo-mapping is actually quite useful!. Be sure to add any Custom Fields to your project before starting the import. I would also recommend to name the columns in your CSV the same as they are named within Asana. After taking these 2 steps I have found that a vast majority of the time I don’t have to make a single change and can begin importing right after browsing in the file. Let me know if you have specific questions I can help with. Hope you enjoy it!