Asana crashing: Generating, saving, and modifying searches


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Hello all,

My team and I have been using the Asana platform with growing success. I have learned to manipulate the saved searches a little better to suit our printing or just viewing needs from the browser. Unfortunately, however, I’ve run into an issue where every search I generate is going to cause a crash when I go to modify the criteria for the searches. I have deleted the site’s cookies, ensured the Chrome browser is up to date, have been able to establish a WebSocket, disabled adBlock on the domain, and have verified that this issue takes place on Internet Explorer as well.

Any help will be appreciated. I can work through the crash messages and eventually get my searches set up the way I need to.


Thanks for the report @amcclellan and apologies for the trouble. This error message definitely indicates an issue with your advanced search criteria. I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team following these steps: > “Im having trouble with” > Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Let’s chat”.