👥 Asana Connect Event: Behind the scenes with Gojek - Apr 21 - 2:00pm Jakarta | 3:00pm Singapore | 5:00pm Sydney | 7:00pm Auckland

Join this special Asana Together community event to get a behind-the-scenes perspective on how Gojek uses Asana to power their productivity worldwide.

Hear from @Vicario_Reinaldo, Program Manager at Gojek, share his best practices for using Asana at Gojek.

Join us on Apr 21 - 2:00pm Jakarta | 3:00pm Singapore | 5:00pm Sydney | 7:00pm Auckland

About Gojek:

Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand, multi-service tech platform providing access to a wide range of services including transport, payments, food delivery, logistics, and many more. Founded in 2010 with providing solutions to Jakarta’s ever-present traffic problems in mind, Gojek started as a call center with a fleet of only 20 motorcycle-taxi drivers (ojek).

With the principle of using technology to improve the lives of users, the Gojek app was launched in January 2015 for users in Indonesia to provide motorbike ride-sharing (GoRide), delivery (GoSend), and shopping (GoMart) services. Today, Gojek has transformed into a “Super App”: a one-stop platform with more than 20 services, connecting users with over 2 million registered driver-partners, and 500,000 GoFood merchants – with a total of more than 170 million total downloads across the region. By providing them access to products and services across multiple sectors, Gojek has helped – and continues to help – create more value for society, improving efficiency and productivity, as well as boosting financial inclusion.