Asana completed tasks sent to email?


I am fairly new to Asana and was wondering if there is a way to sent a report of completed tasks to someone via email? Thanks!


I would suggest the following.

  • Run an advanced search.
    • Tasks
    • Completion: Completed
    • Add Filter -> Dates -> Completion Date -> select the range you are interested in
  • From the menu at the top. It’s a drop down from the right of “Search Results…” select Print…
    • Save as a PDF
  • E-mail the PDF to whoever needs it.


Thanks Vince.

Unfortunately, the report has too much “noise” to send directly to the client.

Additionally, it does a “strike through” for all of the completed tasks.



Your right, it isn’t appropriate for a customer. This was the quickest and easiest solution that I was assuming was for internal use.

For a customer, I would suggest looking below the Print option and use the Export > CSV option. Now you have the data and can format it as you see appropriate for your customers.


If you are a Windows user you can use CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community or look at as additional options.


Thanks James


You can use and multi-home completed task into a “special” project you export with the tool.