Asana Community in Portuguese


I saw French and German group inside Asana Community in here: How can I start a Portuguese Group?


Hi Pedro,

I’m the Community Manager here at Asana. It’s nice to meet you! I’m glad to hear you’re interested in a Portuguese group. The Asana Community is still quite new so we’re experimenting with the groups feature and exploring the possibility of groups in multiple languages. We will keep in mind your interest in a Portuguese group and reach out when we explore this further. Thanks!


Hi. Alexis,

Thanks for your reply. I have been around Asana since 2013. Why can German and French language exist right now and Portugue needs to wait? Any special reason for that?


Our team generally uses data to determine what to prioritize. That said, at this time we have no confirmed timeline for language support in the Community, whether for German, French, Portuguese, or others. I’m excited to know that you’re interested! We’ll certainly provide updates when we have more information.


@Pedro We’d love more of your feedback! Would you mind responding to this survey about Asana going global? :tada: Anyone else reading this thread is invited to respond, as well.


That is cool Alexis. Thanks for your reply and the survey. I will answer it.

I do understand the need to use data to determine priorities. However how something can reach the priority if there is no intention to create the data? And if Asana prepare someone (like me) to give this support? It takes time all that, doesn’t it? The sooner it starts, the sooner it will be true.


I am so sad. I took all my morning replying to your survey and by an accidental command (I believe it is shift + enter simple closed the survey with a thanks. Could you please verify if you have received it. That is really pity. I had the caution to save some of the long answers. But not the most important one I was writing the moment it happened.


Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll follow up with my colleague who manages the survey and ask if they have a record of your submission.


Hi, there! Thats’ a very nice idea, Asana in Portuguese. I work for a civic tech startup name Colab. Our main goal is to become a bridge between citizens and governments. As we work inside the government (city halls mainly), we deal with public servers, our work depends directly on them, so we`d love to bring them to Asana so we could speed up work and communication.

When people see the way we use Asana they get interested on joining the platform, but as soon as they find out that it`s in English, it becomes a problem.

I hope you decide to translate it to Portuguese soon!


Hi @Gustavo_Carvalho! It’s very nice to meet you. Glad to know you’re interested in a Portuguese area of the Asana Community! Hopefully we can build out multiple language areas in the near future.

In the meantime, I think you and @Craig_Fifer would have a lot to talk about! Craig also works in the government sector and has a lot of helpful insights about Asana in that sphere. :slight_smile:


Welcome, @Gustavo_Carvalho! I’d be happy to chat – send me a message by clicking on my name and then clicking the “Message” button.


Just want to chime in and add to the request for Asana in Portuguese. I work for a company that does entrepreneurship skills training all around Portugal and we want to showcase Asana to hundreds of entrepreneurs a year, however as it is purely in English we won’t be able to until this is resolved. Google Chrome translate doesn’t work on it, either.


This is great to know, @Duarte_Martins! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. :slight_smile:


Hi @Duarte_Martins, Hi @Gustavo_Carvalho

Welcome to this Topic I have created with the aim to find those who have a real interest to see Asana App and documentation in Portuguese language. I have been a absent a bit due to personal matters.

I have just created a company called BLINKTIL which stands for Business Link to Brazil aiming to realize this dream.

I lived in Portugal for many years and of course we going to do that not only for Brazil and Portugal but for all the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. The Portuguese-speaking countries are home to 267 million people located across the globe but having a common language, a shared history, and some cultural similarities.

Let’s get together and get organized in other to be the Portuguese Asana more than power users to help Asana when the good moment comes. Just send me a message clicking in my name and I will be more than happy to insert you in the project “Asana in Portuguese”. Together we can start creating the phases and tasks to make our dream come true. I am sure our work together will provide lots of information to Asana team. Can you picture the world language puzzle Asana team has to deal with in order to become global?


Hello, Craig. Thank you so much for the availability. I apologize for the late reply.

I`ve taken a look at your profile and saw you work with communications and Public Information for a city hall. That, I guess, has a lot to do with what part of what I do at Colab, a Brazilian startup which the main goal is to facilitate and strengthen the relationship between governments and citizens.

One of our greatest (and most recent) challenges is to engage citizens in participating on online decision-making processes (Participatoy budget, for instance). In this regard, Asana has been really helpful as we can organize an editorial calendar for emails and notifications to citizens about those processes, amongst other matters.

I’d love to hear from you about how your team uses Asana editorial calendars, as well as to know if the city of Alexandria has held any online participatory decision-making processes and, if so, to know more about the experience onengaging citizens to participate.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Please!!! We need Asana in Portuguese!!!


Yes please. Now that Asana resolved the speed issues, please prioritize the translation to other languages. I’m sure a lot of people from Brazil don’t adopt Asana because of this, and Trello offers translations for a long time now.


It’s very hard to work with teams… if team members do not speak English.

I use Asana for my own management for several years, but I am unable to advance to a deeper collaboration with my teams because of the language barrier =/

Please, listen to us =)


Thanks for letting us know! I see two suggestions here. The first is to create a section in the Asana Community for the Portuguese language. The second is to see a version of Asana in Portuguese. I’ll keep this post in Site Feedback given the nature of the first suggestion.


I answered it. And I said that I can help translating the app maybe with GitHub, if possible.