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Community Guidelines

:heart_decoration: Be nice and respectful
We welcome and encourage fruitful debate and conversation, but please be sure your thoughts are expressed in the vein of friendship rather than antagonism. In addition, let’s make this a safe space for people from all backgrounds, identities, and beliefs. We won’t tolerate threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other displays of bigotry.

:slight_smile: Stay on topic
Try to stay on topic in a given thread and category. Conversations will take a naturally winding course, but please do not take a thread in a completely new direction. Similarly, if you see a recent thread (in the last week or so) covering the topic you’d like to post about, comment within that thread rather than creating a new one.

:star: No spam, please
We can all agree that spam is an undesirable distraction. What qualifies as spam? In general, if it feels like spam, it’s probably spam. Spam includes promotional materials and excessive self promotion.
If you see a post that looks like spam, please flag it and moderators will assess next steps. Thank you!

:innocent: Be transparent
Let’s be transparent and honest with our intentions, identity, and behavior in the community. Please use your real name with your account and never intentionally attempt to mislead other members. This is a collective of peers working together and collaboration is so much richer when everyone comes to it with integrity and clarity.

:stuck_out_tongue: Stay quirky
Mindful of the above, let’s have fun and not take ourselves too seriously! Be curious, experiment, share ideas, and take the time to brighten someone’s day.


Additionally, this community is subject to Asana’s Terms and Policies. Please understand that Asana reserves the right to remove users and edit or remove posts from the forum where appropriate. Asana holds ownership over the content in this forum. By participating in this community, you give Asana permission to use all content in this forum for customer success, marketing and other purposes Asana considers appropriate.


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