Asana Chrome App Doesn't Work


Why is it that the Chrome App works intermittently? Sometimes it allows me to capture a website URL, and mostly it doesn’t. Asana should look at the OneNote Clipper to see how to get this right. Anyone else have this problem or a fix?


Hi, for me it is working all the time.
Can you perhaps send a screenshot of the issue


The little icon next to the Task should be lit up and if you click it, it should grab the website page. It very rarely lights up. It’s usually grayed out (like in the picture below) and if I click on it, nothing happens. Sometimes it is lit up in color and nothing happens when I click on it. In fact, I’ve probably only gotten it to work once or twice in the last week.

The Assignee field only works if I click about 1 cm above the box.



OK understand.
Which browser do you use?
Did you try different browser and re-installing the extension, since you are the first person I know who has issues with it.


Chrome Version 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It still doesn’t work for me. I’ll have to reinstall it.