Asana Certified Pro?

I signed up for Asana Certified Pro (in Sept 2021) and was approved, completed the trainings, but now it seems like Certified Pro is no longer an option and there has been no communication on the program being cancelled or for those approved before it cancelling to be transitioned to something similar or re-sign up for something else.

What’s the next step here?

Hey @Lavelle_Peters! I’m so sorry the communication didn’t find you during our transition. We sunsetted the Asana Certified Pros program on January 31, 2022 – existing Certified Pros are welcome to join as official Asana Partners (consultants and those working with clients) OR Asana Ambassadors (Asana users and customers)

Feel free to submit either one of those applications for what works best for you.


Thank you! Resubmitted.

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