Asana Calendar tasks - slow display


Hi there,

When I go on Asana Calendar for my own tasks, Asana takes 12-15 seconds to display the tasks in the calendar. Moreover moving a task from one day to another is not fluid at all.
It happens on my Mac whether on Chrome or Safari

Have you experienced that? Any tips?



Hi @Stephane2 ane welcome to the Community Forum! Can you check if you’re able to reproduce the issue with an incognito window? Just want to check if this issue is potentially related to an add-on installed on your browser.


Hi Marie,
Thanks for your reply.
I tried both, the experience is quite similar. Moreover it is similar on Chrome & Safari, and I wouldn’t likely have the same add-on issue on both.
Pretty annoying. From a user point of view it looks like either a server issue (slow to react) or a RAM issue , bt form a RAM point of view I am monitoring it, I relaunched te Mac, I still have the issue I don’t have with other apps.


Thanks for the follow-up @Stephane2 and sincere apologies for the hassle here!

This usually happens when a project or a “My Tasks” contains a high number of tasks, which I presume must be your case. Our Team is currently working on a faster calendar; I don’t have an exact launch date yet, but we’re hoping to roll it out soon enough, so hopefully this won’t be an issue for too much longer.

Thanks for bringing this up @Stephane2 and again, sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Calendar View & Connection Issues

I guess this is the reason. I use it for tasks a lot which seems a main feature :slight_smile: Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Thanks for the feedback Mary.


I also have extreme lag when using the calendar - if I am doing something w a large amount of tasks it will often break the browser.

However, I’m currently waiting on Asana to build a calendar that has literally five items (just went back to count) and there is 15-30 second lag with this. I also hope this gets fixed soon.


Hi @L_Lin_Ong, would you mind checking if you’re having the same issue when connecting to your account via an incognito/private window? Since you’re experiencing the issue with a small project, it might just be an issue with your browser’s cache or an add-on installed on your browser!


Hi Marie, I did try what you said (incognito) and it still took 62 seconds for all five to load up in calendar mode. I am using the most recent version of Firefox.

I’m using a new desktop so it’s only a few weeks old, so the cache should be relatively empty, still.




Thanks for the follow-up @L_Lin_Ong; Is this only happening with Safari?

If so, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team who will be able to investigate this further for you. If you could send them a screencast of the issue with the Java Console opened (, it will be super useful for them to identify what is causing this issue!


Hi there, I don’t use Safari, I don’t have a Mac. I just timed it again with Firefox and it sped up slightly – 55 seconds to generate calendar out of a seven item list. I did this off a brand new laptop so there (again) is little in the cache.

I also tried this on Chrome = 49 seconds; Edge = 1:17.

Honestly there is nothing to show in the screencast, it will just be a calendar taking a very long time to populate…

Best, Lin


Thanks for getting back to me @L_Lin_Ong. 55 seconds to load a calendar containing 7 items is definitely too long, so I would definitely recommend reaching out to our support team who will be able to take a look at your account in our system and investigate this issue further.
The reason why I’m asking you to send a screencast with your Java Console opened is because it will show errors and will help our Team investigate this issue.

Hope this helps @L_Lin_Ong :slight_smile:


Can confirm this, across Max, Windows, all browsers. My hunch is Asana support is well aware of this issue given its ubiquity. I do hope there’s a fix soon. As the previous user mentioned, a screencast is not much help. Just 138 seconds of a blank calendar until items populate.