Asana Bug Tracking Form Submission

I have created a bug tracking form in a bug tracking project. I have named the bug tracking form “Client Name: Bug Tracking Form” and created several custom fields. One of the fields is “Bug Name”. This would allow testers to give the issue/bug a descriptive name. When doing some sample submissions, I am noticing when the bug is submitted into the bug project “Backlog”…the name of the bug tacking form, not the name of the bug is being displayed. Is there way to have the name that is given to the bug become the task name automatically? In the current set up all the bugs entered into the form would have the same name i.e. “Client Name: Bug Tracking Form” . I would have to go though and change each task submitted into the Backlog to reflect the name of the bug.

Here is a screen shot

Think this solved it: Customizing the title/name of a form submission

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Hi @Don3 :wave:

Glad to read you found the answer in the Forum :slight_smile: Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!