Asana app not allowing a Project Board, only List

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When I try to set up a Project and tap ‘Board’, it appears as a ‘List’ set-up instead of being able to add columns - this is only on the iPad app. This feature does work correctly on a laptop

Steps to reproduce:
I’m using an iPad Pro.
Go into Asana app.
Tap the button to start a new Project.
Name the Project and tap ‘Board’, then tap ‘Create’.

Browser version:
App version 7.13.0

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Erica_Stephenson and thanks for the report!

I just tried to replicate the issue and was successfully able to create a project from the iOS app (I’m using version 7.13.0 too).

Before escalating this further, I just want to be sure it’s not a small glitch, could you try to close and quit the Asana app, re-open it and verify if you’re still able to reproduce?

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for taking the time to report the issue; I look forward to your reply!

Thank you for your reply! I close the app, and restarted the iPad itself as well. This issue is continuing to occur. Here are the screen shots that I took of the process. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Hi @Erica_Stephenson, Naty here stepping in for my colleague! Thank you for taking the time to share the screenshots.

From what you shared, I can see that you are in the correct process to create a project with Board layout. I just need one more step to be completely sure.

Could you please give a name to the task and create it? Could you also share with us how it looks like after you created the task?

Looking forward to your reply!

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Hi @Erica_Stephenson :wave:t3: and sorry for the trouble uploading your screenshot!

When creating a task (like you did here) could you add a title and click on create? (See screenshot below as an example)

Once the task is created, your Board project should look like this:

If that’s not the case, can you please send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing after creating a task?

I look forward to your reply Erica!

Hi @Erica_Stephenson :wave:

Since we haven’t heard back from you, I’m closing this bug, please let us know if you’re still running into trouble and need some help!

Have a great day!

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I have been waiting on a reply from you all. The issue has not been resolved. Here is my last reply:

“Thank you for your reply! So, I found that after creating the project in board format, then adding a ‘task’, and then closing out of the project and opening a different project and then immediately closing it, and then opening the newly created project again, it shows up with predetermined columns (To Do, etc). Here are screen shots to explain.”

I am afraid to send screen shots again because when I did last time your system flagged my response as spam due to it having multiple screen shots in it. To make a long story short, the issue is semi-resolved, but I still have several additional steps than I had previously to open a Project Board. The pre-determined columns only show up once I close the board once a task is created, open another project board and close it, and then open the newly created board. Please advise.


Thanks for the follow-up @Erica_Stephenson.

If you’re not comfortable sharing screenshots here, I would advise contacting our support team directly. You can give them the URL of this thread so you don’t have to re-explain everything, and provide your latest screenshot more easily!

If you have the possibility to record a screencast illustrating the issue, it would be super useful too, as we haven’t been able to reproduce on our end.

Again, sincere apologies for all the trouble here!