ASANA App and harvest integration

I love that using Asana on my PC that I am able to track time directly into harvest from my tasks. This allows me to track time more effectively.

However, this functionality doesn’t seem to exist in the mobile app. And what I’m forced to do instead is log my time in harvest and then go back into Asana on my desktop and create a new time entry and then alter that time entry to match what I documented in harvest earlier. And then delete the old harvest entry.

This is very cumbersome and inefficient. It may be that I am missing something or in need of a tip or a trick that someone else may be using.

Is there a way within the mobile app to access harvest time entries in the same way that I can on the desktop app.

Of course I understand that I can always just browse over to harvest via browser on my mobile phone. But it would be great if some sort of functionality of this nature can be accessed directly outside of Asana as I would not need to leave the Asana app when I am out and performing my tasks throughout my day.

Thank you very much for any helpful tips and tricks that you can share. additionally if there’s something that I’m completely missing, please let me know.


Welcome to the Community Forum @TZiady!

You are right, it’s currently not possible to track time in the Asana mobile app the same way that I can on the desktop app. I recommend you to upvote in this existing product feedback thread: Android and iPhone Harvest Integration

You can also find more information from other users in this thread: Is there a Time Tracking App that works on the Asana Mobile App

I hope this helps!

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