Asana API is really good for google script integration

For creating a simple spreadsheet from workspace data I need to:

0.Get a premium to test script on Custom Fields. Am I missing something? I am not a customer I am just a developer.

After this

  1. query workspaces
  2. after this – projects,
  3. after this – tasks,
  4. after this – tags,
    after – filter all that with tags from another project.

It is okay to get a 10-15 seconds delay on this, but can you a give me a full project data? Can I just dump everything from a workspace(excluding attachments)?

Now I understand why people are willing to pay so much for a simple script. Because it is not simple after folllowing all rules.

Am I missing something?


Moderator here! I will move your post into the API category if that is ok :slight_smile: