Asana API Improvement



Dear friends,

I’m building a tool to get the informations from Harvest and add into Asana, I’ve been successful with integration and we’re already using it.

My suggestion now is the reverse, get the Asana data and insert it into Harvest.

The Asana documentation limits me how I can get the latest tasks by having to check all the projects (my company has more than 300) and within each project check their tasks.

In Harvest I can get the latest tasks without needing to filter the project / company which is much faster.

So that you understand the process in Asana:

  • 1 I consult all the projects - I can not limit
  • 2 I consult the tasks in each project - I can not limit it except via “for”
  • 3 Task detail consultant

For you to understand the Harvest process:

  • 1 I consult the last projects filtering the quantity for ex: 5, 10, 15 …

I have already contacted the support but unfortunately they still do not have a more practical solution to get the result. This post is to know how your experience goes to get this data and press Asana to improve the API.