Asana and Tick Integration

Hi, I am trilling Asana as it is supposed to integrate with Tick. I have been able to set up the integration from the Tick app, but can’t seem to bring subtasks and any data into the budget column of a task from a numeric field created in Asana. My question is - is this even possible and if so is there a step by step tutorial to achieve this? I have tried building a a zap in zapper, but again without success.

Subtasks are not part of the project, that might be the reason why.

Hi Bastien, Thanks for the quick response, but it is a bit cryptic.
When you say subtasks are not part of the project do you mean:

Subtasks can’t be imported because they are not part of the Tick setup
That subtasks in Asana are not technically part of an Asana project

If it’s the first one that would explain it alright. Do you have any insight into the budget aspect?

This one! I don’t know Tick but if they track “tasks from a project” it would make sense to not include subtasks as this is the official definition of what a task in a project is.

Ok thanks for clarifying