Asana and Slack Integration Not Working

I have been connecting projects from Asana into individual Slack channels for awhile now. Yesterday I noticed that the notifications from the project in Asana are not posting in Slack at all. I have tried deauthorizing my account in Slack to see if that works and nope. I tried making a new task in Slack and it DID create one that I could see in Asana. So it seems like Slack can send stuff to Asana but Asana can’t send stuff to Slack. Anyone else have this going on right now?

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Same situation here, the channel notification of project update stopped since today.

Hi @Landon_Wilkins and @JustinHathaway :wave:t5:

Apologies for the delay in responding. We have experienced a Bug with Slack notifications last week but I can confirm it was already fixed and it should work as expected now.
Can you please confirm if it has been resolved for you?

Thank you! Looking forward to your reply!

Yes, thank you!

Landon Wilkins, M.Ed