Asana and e-mail. Until when?

  • One of the Asana great feature is its integration with e-mails. It has helped me a lot with the resistance that customers offers to come to Asana, since they can interact with Asana just using their e-mail; even if I tell them that it is more complex than coming directly to the tool itself.
  • How long will e-mail last? There are so many opinion about e-mail future around in the internet.
  • As SaaS services and integration between them increases in daily basis, will the human kind one day forget e-mail?

What do you think Asana community?

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Please read “customers usually offer”

Please read “many opinions”

Sorry. English is not my mother tongue. :grin:.
I make some typing mistakes when I write to fast.
I will be more attentive from now on.

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I do not have any insight into the path for email within Asana, but I certainly hope it is not a feature that goes away as it is my favorite.

I’ve wondered about the life of email. I feel like it is still a very effective work and marketing tool. But I live in an area where the culture is resistant to change so maybe it is just us. :woman_shrugging:

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