Asana always starting task in furthest left section before running automation

I have a board setup to take on three things currently, onboards, offboards and permission changes. These each all have their own separate form which routes to different areas of the project. However after setting up a slack notification for each section, I noticed that the onboarding section always triggers the slack notification no matter what form was filled out.

The reason for this, is no matter where the form is supposed to route, it starts the task in the furthest left section prior to running the automation to move it to the correct section.

Is there any fix for this? Currently I have a new section called intake which is only setup to prevent non-onboarding tasks from reaching the onboarding section.

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It is a bit difficult to assist without seeing the specific rules you have set up as I am not sure if there is just one trigger such as all tasks created or whether there is a trigger combination (such as tasks created via a specific form + an additional one)
Custom fields can also be very helpful for trigger combinations.

If you don‘t mind it would be great if you can share some screenshots of your rule set up so we can assist further :slight_smile: (blur any confidential info)

Hi Andrea - So for example, this is a middle section on my form. Screenshot 1 is the trigger that takes the data on this form, creates the task and moves it to the section offboarding. However, in screenshot 2, you can see prior to moving this task to the section offboarding, it hits the furthest left section, onboarding and then moves it to offboarding based on the rule.

I don’t see any active rule that causes all tasks initially entered to hit onboarding first.


Had to attached screenshot two here.

Hello Matt,

as far as I know all form submissions are normally added to the first section of the project automatically which means if your first section is called “Onboarding” that is the reason why.

Then your rule is saying all form submissions from “offboarding request” should be moved that is why the task got moved.

So yeah either add another column in the project or within the form not sure if you have custom fields for example. Then you could update the trigger and connect it with a specific selection in a custom field also for example.

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Hello @Matt_Hanrahan Andrea is right.

When a form is submitted it will always hit the first column for a millisecond before the rule can be triggered and therefore move it to the correct section.

@Matt_Hanrahan , to elaborate slightly on @Andrea_Mayer 's suggestion, your best workaround is to create a new section called ‘Incoming’ or ‘Intake’ with no rules triggering any tasks that land there, and place this section first in your List/Board.

Since your current rules will move the relevant forms automatically to other sections, this section will likely always be empty, which I understand can be annoying, but this is the current workaround unfortunately.

@Marie , @Nao_Kumazaki , there is an existing topic which is closed that I think we should reopen and merge the above thread into it. This issue has not been entirely addressed and so I don’t think it should have been closed. (I tried opening the existing topic but it would not let me for some reason :thinking: )

A rule adding a task from a form to a section works fine, but the issue is that all tasks ‘land’ in the first section before being moved to other sections by such a rule. The issue happens when the first section has any rules - these will fire first at the same time as moving the task to the designated section, thus the workaround above, which is clearly not ideal.

The ideal would be for the form’s settings to have the ability to choose the section of the project that the tasks will land in, similarly how you can set a designated assignee in the form’s settings.

Thanks all, as suggested I did add in an intake section to absorb and move all new tasks.