Asana account users


Hi all,
I created my asana account with an email that I don’t have access anymore. I am under the impression that that account is the master account. I added another account with an email that have access to. How can I check the user preferences on the free version? I think it was possible to check this before but not anymore.
Many thanks in advance!


HI @Ana_Oliveira! You can check out all email addresses associated to your account under the “Email Forwarding” tab with your “My profile settings”. From there, you can also add or remove any email addresses associated to your account.

If you have more questions regarding your account, I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support team who will be able to take a closer look at your account in our system. To reach out to support, simply follow this path: > “I’m having trouble with” > Scroll down and click on “Let’s chat”.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: