Asana Academy Project

Is there a pre-built Asana Academy Project? I want to plan my onboarding to Asana using the tool itself. If this is pre-built, it would save me some time :slight_smile:

I am sure my team would also find it useful.

Hi @Julian_Underdown :wave: and welcome to the Forum!

There are several templates available in Asana that you may find useful to onboard your team. They are not specifically designed for that purpose but definitely a great tool to work with. You can find them in the following link:

You might also find our Asana Academy Courses to onboard your team very useful:

I hope this helps! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

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Thanks @Natalia! This helps in that now I know that I need to build the project template I described myself :slight_smile:

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Hey @Julian_Underdown,

You might also want to check out Templana for more Asana templates.